An audio-series about the al-Muhajireen neighbourhood

In 2020, two young researchers, Nid'a Al-Khazali and Arzaq Abu Eid, conducted a total of 19 interviews with current or former residents of the al-Muhajireen neighbourhood. Their work was supervised and supported by the anthropologist and oral history expert, Dr. Lucine Taminian. The recorded interviews were subsequently edited and restructured to form an audio-series of ten stories with a focus on ten recurring themes from the interviews. They have been produced in Arabic and English by the story-teller Sally Shalabi. QR-Codes have been installed throughout the neighbourhood that link directly to the audio-files stored online, and invite residents, visitors and passers-by to listen to the stories and delve into the history of the neighbourhood. For anyone unable to explore the neighbourhood themselves, the printed edition and the online-archive allow for a virtual visit from the comfort of their home. The full interviews and their transcripts are archived at the National Library of Jordan, a major partner of this project.

Al muhajirin panorama